The TroFilms GmbH

German headquarters of TroFilms GmbH in Georgensgmünd

Your reliable partner

The Germany based TroFilms GmbH is a young company founded in February 2012. Production started in October 2012 with a coating line and a slitter rewinder. The scratch-proof matt film TroPROTECT® quickly became established on the market. Three-shift operation commenced only eight months after production has been taken up. The company's successful development won it several renowned awards (e.g. the “Founder Award 2014” by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

The rapid economic development enabled the young company to make large investments in 2014/2015. Its production capacities were more than doubled and its storage volume was increased accordingly. Production of the TroTemptation® film with a matt and tactile surface similar to peach skin started in 2015.

Since 2017 TroFilms has started a new production line to produce high-elaborated excimer-films such as the brand new TroPROTECT®-X and TroTEMPTATION®-X which are both available worldwide since this year.

TroFilms knows precisely what requirements are posed to its products. Cooperation as partner, loyalty and reliabilty are the active philosophy of TroFilms. Greatest value is put on close cooperation with the field test customers to produce the most defect-free and sophisticated film at a sustainably consistent quality.

The properties of each roll are documented carefully by TroFilms’ internal laboratory. Any problems that may occur in processing can be tracked and removed quickly and reliably this way. TroFilms does not compete with any of its customers, since it does not process any goods itself!


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