We offer TroROUGH®, an acrylic coated, sand structured, biaxially oriented polypropylene foil, as a wet and a thermal and digital film. All films are extremely abrasion- and scratch-resistant.

The coating is particularly characterised by extremely high transparency, which leads to very deep colouration without reducing the whiteness of the paper. Yellowing is prevented.

The basic varnish has been constructed for all of these required properties, and since further treatment during or after polymerisation is necessary as well, the film can be used for the longest possible time.

The TroROUGH® is particularly characterised by being easy to process for the customer without any problems. The wet film can be laminated on with any adhesive system (solvent, solvent-free and water-based). In contrast to other scratch-proof films, it has the same tearing and expansion capacity as an OPP standard film. Stable grooving and folding are ensured. Cutting to size right in the lamination machine is possible as well. Coiling the remaining film will not be impaired.

Gluability, printability and hot stamping applications possible in principle, but the structure may make conditions more difficult and pre-tests are required. Overcoating is possible in screen printing and digital printing. A minimum of 12 g/m2 coating is needed to cover the uneven surface.